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Shrimp postlarvae

The Origin’s importance

The Origin of shrimp larvae is considered by aquaculture producers as one of the keys to good crop yield and consequently a guarantee of profitability. With that in mind and with more than 27 years of experience, Maricultura del Pacífico has focused on producing quality larvae in biosecure environments that offer great performance derived from many years of genetic selection.

The shrimp larvae and nauplii that Maricultura del Pacífico produces belong to the species Litopenaeus vannamei which has a high commercial demand in Mexico and the world

Our facilities have the certification of good practices granted by SENASICA (National Service of Health, Safety and Agrifood Quality)


Shrimp larvae’s good genetics

The larvae come directly from breeders of our genetic core and are produced in our maturation facilities, the Maricultura del Pacifíco shrimp nauplii has an excellent quality, among those qualities is its high growth rate, as well as disease tolerance such as white spot (WSSV) and early death (AHPND).

Maricultura del Pacífico has an installed capacity to produce more than 100 million nauplii per day, which makes us an excellent supplier of larvae and nauplii to meet the growing demand of the Mexican market.