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Shrimp breeders

Our shrimp larvae’s secret

There can be no quality shrimp larvae if there are no quality shrimp breeders, which is why since 2006 Maricultura del Pacífico adopts the shrimp genetic improvement program which is focused on developing genetic lines that are better suited to planting systems and the environmental challenges that arise in them, such as the presence of diseases, resulting in better growth and greater survival.

All our shrimp breeders are produced in a closed cycle within the genetic nucleus facilities and meet the highest safety standards. Shrimp breeders performance is improved year by year through family selection.

The shrimp breeders that Maricultura del Pacífico produces are of the species that Litopenaeus vannamei which has a high commercial demand in Mexico and the world.

Our facilities have the certification of good practices granted by SENASICA (National Service of Health, Safety and Agrifood Quality)