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Farmed white snook

Sustainable and great valued

The snook is a tropical marine fish that lives in areas adjacent to the coast such as bays, estuaries and river mouths to depths of 25 meters. Snook fish is very common in mangrove areas and show great tolerance to salinity fluctuations. They enter rivers and can live in fresh waters.

It is distributed by the Western Pacific Ocean Coast From the northern part of Baja California, the entire Gulf of California, to Peru, including the Galapagos Islands.

Due to the strategic position, the Maricultura del Pacifico snook farm has the ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of this species, which guarantees exceptional consistency and flavor without predating the wild population, in addition to its geographical position and connectivity with the Mazatlan International Airport (AIM) placing it in a privileged logistics position.

For Maricultura del Pacífico the proper management of our snooks is very important, for this reason we have opted for Ikejime, a Japanese method for slaughtering fish whose objective is to avoid unnecessary stress and suffering, resulting in meat of a notably higher quality than found in the market


From the farm to your table

The snook is a fish of great culinary value since its delicate flavor and firm texture allows it to be prepared as whole fish zarandeado, a la talla, fry, salt crust baked, aguachile, ceviche, cocktail, tiradito, a variety of steak preparations, and in various cuts for sushi and sashimi.

Snook’s chicharrón

Grilled snook

Fry snook

Always fresh snook

The snooks are harvested and transferred to a resting tub, before being slaughtered, they are sacrificed with brain puncture and gut cutting to avoid the least stress in the organisms, after this they pass into bleeding tubs, washing, cleaning, sanitizing , selecting and cooling, the pieces are packed as they reach a temperature of 2 degrees Celsius, in a cooler with frozen gelplates located at the bottom and top of the cooler which is contained in a cardboard box, the pieces are packed in an upright position, the boxes are approximately 20 kg net weight and 25 kg gross weight.

From the moment of slaughter, the product is available at the Mazatlan airport in 3 hours.